Basic Car Wash starts from $20

Our cars are more than just automobiles – it is a part of our lives. Extended exposure to sun, salt, and dirt for prolonged periods, can dull your paints finish and lead to rusting of exposed metal. Much like changing your engine oil promotes extended engine performance, you should remove the salt, grime, and mag chloride from your paint at least once a week to protect the finish. Car paint just like your skin is not immune to the damage that can be caused by the sun’s UV rays. You can protect the paint of your car from premature fading or oxidation caused by the harsh elements of the sun by following the proper maintenance regimen.

Bathe your car as often as you can. Take care not to scratch your car while you are washing it, go for hand wash over automated one. Automated car wash would not dry the car properly. Take time to dry your car with a chamois cloth to keep your car paint from being damaged by mineral residues that usually forms during water evaporation. Vinyl wrapping creates physical barrier for car paint. It is highly effective protection, but it is also a costly choice. Another affordable option is waxing. This won’t only protect your car paint from any natural and chemical pollutants, but it can also help in preventing damage caused by the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Plus, waxing will also safeguard your car’s paint from pit damage as the sheen caused by the wax will keep grit and dirt from sticking to your car. Failure to wax your car can cause irreparable harm to its paint job. Despite all the elements that can affect the beauty of your car paint, you can still maintain its sheeny look with washing, thorough drying and waxing. Remember that even with your car, there is nothing that tender loving care could not prevent.

We invest tens of thousands of dollars on our automobiles, remember how good it felt driving your shiny new car off of the dealer’s lot. Everything was clean and brand new, the car performed perfectly, at least for a while. Removing the dirt, road grime, and harmful chemicals once a week will help to keep your car show room fresh and extend the exterior finish and undercarriage as long as possible. You deserve it, and so does your car.